Update on easing covid 19 restrictions

Latest update from Paddle NSW in regard to impending easing of the covid19 restrictions from NSW Sport & Recreation, plus Paddle Australia,

  • Currently up to 10 paddlers in a group setting. If your club activities involve more than 10 paddlers, please use separate waves to spread the field. For clarity, we are recreating not competing.
  • Currently we shouldn’t be using showers and change rooms at the clubhouse.
  • Currently K2s (or more) should only be used by people within the same household. My exemption request for easing of this Public Health Order is still being considered.
  • However paddlers in canoes may be from different households.
  • Currently carers may assist paddlers with a disability.
  • Currently we may instruct rescue techniques (ie within 1.5m for coaching and education purposes).
  • Currently we are not a food and beverage industry. We are a recreation provider. Don’t consider BBQs at the clubhouse and don’t even serve tea & coffee. Keep the socialising minimal until further easing occurs.

From 1st July…..

  • Junior competition in all sports may reconvene. Contact sports may once again involve full contact.
  • There will be no limit (currently 10) to the number of U18 paddlers in a race.
  • From 1st July adult paddlers may COMPETE in races provided there are no more than 10 paddlers in each wave.
  • Canoe polo may resume provided it is limited to 5 per side.
  • Still no serving food and beverages. Please advise paddlers to BYO.

Stay safe on the water. As we are a small club, we are staying with the current decision to remain closed until further notice.