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Member rescues Pelican

Australian Seabird Rescue – southside paddler member helps resuce Pelican

News from Paddle NSW

Vale Rod Smith 1934-2021

Rod passed peacefully, 12 April, after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Rod was one of the founding members of Southside Paddlers in 2011. He was a life member. Rod was the happiest teaching the younger kids to paddle and was always behind the BBQ. Rod kept paddling as long as could,  although he suffered some aches and pains. He led an interesting life, starting work as a young teenager on the train lines.

Our sympathy goes to his family on his passing. RIP ROD.


Paddle NSW Covid Safety Plan

PADDLE NSW has provided clubs with a safety plan. Link Below.

We are still closed as we have to clean the containers and equipment before we can return to paddling and other  things to bring us up to covid code.

Take care, remember hand hygiene and social distancing.

PaddleNSW Safety Plan

Key messages…. Social distancing off the water; thoroughly clean shared equipment after use; ARRIVE-PADDLE-DISPERSE (limit socialising); no BBQs; change rooms remain closed; people with cold or flu-like symptoms stay

Any event or activity with more than 20 participants must have a safety plan and it must be displayed at your venue.


Update on easing covid 19 restrictions

Latest update from Paddle NSW in regard to impending easing of the covid19 restrictions from NSW Sport & Recreation, plus Paddle Australia,

  • Currently up to 10 paddlers in a group setting. If your club activities involve more than 10 paddlers, please use separate waves to spread the field. For clarity, we are recreating not competing.
  • Currently we shouldn’t be using showers and change rooms at the clubhouse.
  • Currently K2s (or more) should only be used by people within the same household. My exemption request for easing of this Public Health Order is still being considered.
  • However paddlers in canoes may be from different households.
  • Currently carers may assist paddlers with a disability.
  • Currently we may instruct rescue techniques (ie within 1.5m for coaching and education purposes).
  • Currently we are not a food and beverage industry. We are a recreation provider. Don’t consider BBQs at the clubhouse and don’t even serve tea & coffee. Keep the socialising minimal until further easing occurs.

From 1st July…..

  • Junior competition in all sports may reconvene. Contact sports may once again involve full contact.
  • There will be no limit (currently 10) to the number of U18 paddlers in a race.
  • From 1st July adult paddlers may COMPETE in races provided there are no more than 10 paddlers in each wave.
  • Canoe polo may resume provided it is limited to 5 per side.
  • Still no serving food and beverages. Please advise paddlers to BYO.

Stay safe on the water. As we are a small club, we are staying with the current decision to remain closed until further notice.


Covid-19 Southside Paddlers closed till further notice

Due to covid-19, the club will be closed to all paddling activities. We will not be accepting any new members till the situation changes. Basically that means until a vaccine is developed and is available to the community.

We are following the advice provided by the peak paddling bodies, Paddle Australia and Paddle NSW.

We strongly advise  you follow government advice. The situation is constantly evolving and changing. Please refer to the Australian Government Health advice, NSW Government health advice and Paddle Australia and Paddle NSW.

Take care, Stay home, Practice good hygiene and spatial distancing and we can get through this together.

Southside Paddlers.

The Late Brian Trouville OAM: Australia Day Honours 2017


Australia Day, 26 January 2017. Very proud to announce the late Brian Trouville has been posthumously awarded an Order of Australia Honour. OAM

This award recognizes the achievements and actions of people who go above and beyond the norm and in so doing have encouraged aspirations of the highest values in the community.

Brian would be truly humbled by this honour.

More on Brian can be found here : http://southside.paddle.org.au/honour-board/brian-trouville-1942-2016/

Australian Honours Lists : https://www.gg.gov.au/australian-honours-and-awards/australian-honours-lists/  PDF

BrianT_1Brian Trouville

Paddle in Peace



Life jackets – the rules.

From July 1  2016, all kayakers need to be wearing a lifejacket at all times.

If you are paddling in the water you should  wear a life jacket. Just like you need to fasten your seatbelt in a car, or wear a helmet when you get on a bike.  Basically, the rules are there to keep you safe. It is your responsibility. Stay safe on the water.

Here are the new rules if you want to read them – These are the most up to date rules at time of writing and are the law, there is still some old information on the Maritime website that has not been updated referring to being more than 100m from shore, this distance has been removed from the new rules.  : http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/regulations/2016-308.pdf.

Here’s a summary worth reading about the rules : http://www.paddlensw.org.au/blog/new-lifejacket-rules


What are the requirements for canoes and kayaks?


Children under 12 must wear a lifejacket at all times. If your child is over 12 years old, they must wear a lifejacket when they’re in a canoe or kayak on enclosed waters . If they’re in open waters, they must wear a lifejacket at all times.

Do I have to wear a lifejacket on a surf ski?

A ‘surf ski’ is considered to be a “spec” ski when used in Surf Life Saving NSW events, training and competition. All other “skis” such as ocean-racing skis, sit-on-tops, plastic skis and the like are regarded as kayaks (see separate category).

For this particular ski, SLS NSW has been granted a special exemption from having to wear a full lifejacket This applies to SLS NSW members when they’re training or competing within 500m of the shore on open waters.

Here’s a link to help you select the right life jacket for your needs : http://lifejacketselector.com.au/find-right-lifejacket/

Our club has purchased some life jackets, available to members who have forgotten to bring their own with them.

Thank you to Tradies for providing the funding so that we could keep our members safer.Sponsored Groups LogoThanks to Steve Dawson from the Shire for this sound interpretation of the new Rules. New Lifejacket Rules July 1

Lifejackets like the new Vaikobi are comfortable and unobtrusive.

From July 1, all kayakers need to be wearing a lifejacket at all times.

The following advice does not constitute legal advice. The legal references are included below. Read them and refer any questions to Roads and Maritime NSW.

Short version…

The 100 metre rule is gone.

Fines have increased to $250.

The only exception is if you are “accompanied”, which [according to the RMS officer I spoke to] means either…

  1. …in a vessel which has more than one occupant over 12 (this is specified in the regulations)
  2. …another paddler is close enough to render immediate assistance (this is not specified in the regulations)

My opinion is…

  1. There is nothing in the regulations that stipulates “accompanied” can be in another boat nearby. I think you risk getting a ticket.
  2. The explanation of “immediate assistance” that I was given indicated a distance of around 20-50 metres which is impractical to maintain at all times. I think you risk getting a ticket if you (or your companion) fall behind or stop for a drink.
  3. The exception for a double kayak is nonsense. If you were in a double kayak without a life jacket and are now in the water you are not in a position to render assistance.


It’s easier to put a lifejacket on and avoid the $250 fine.

The advisory note is here… http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/maritime/reg-change.pdf

Wear a life jacket - it never ruined a day in the water. http://lifejacketselector.com.au/find-right-lifejacket/
Wear a life jacket – it never ruined a day in the water. http://lifejacketselector.com.au/find-right-lifejacket/


the right equipment for you





Vale Brian Trouville – 1942 – 2016

Paddle in Peace

Vale Brian E Trouville

It is with great sadness and deepest regret we advise the passing of Brian Trouville, 19 April 2016 , after a long battle with cancer x 2

Memorial Service : Wednesday 27th April

Brian’s family has invited friends to celebrate his life at a memorial service.2:30pm, Wednesday, 27th April at Caringbah Baptist Church Centre (74-76 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah), followed by the Wake at North Cronulla Surf Club.

Brian  Trouville – Paddle In Peace

Brian was our Club President joint founder of Southside Paddlers and club coach.

Sometimes pictures are better than words, if you would like to view an album of photos of Brians journey with Southside Paddlers we  gave him a coffee table photo book last year with these photos and he was thrilled with it. The photos are in an album on Flikr, so you may have to create an account first to view, but worth the extra minute that will take you.  Brian Trouville Photo Book  

For words : Here’s some sporting achievements of Brian’s :

Brian has been actively involved with the community through his lifelong dedication to the sports of Sprint Canoe and Surf Lifesaving.

Brian began his career in community service as a Surf Life Saver with Maroubra SLSC – At age 17, over 56 years ago, in 1959 he was Awarded the Merit of Surf Bravery Rescue (Lurline Bay). His sense of duty has grown from saving one life to making a vast contribution and impact to many people involved in both surf lifesaving and sprint canoe, primarily as a coach, but also as manager and mentor.

As a young adult his athletic talents were confirmed with four Australian Surf Lifesaving Championship medals and two NSW SLS Championships. The emergence of his real talent was his gift for coaching and team management and has been a lifelong passion. He demonstrated this talent early, coaching a beginner paddler to Olympic level. Brian was an Australian Olympic team coach at four Olympics and during his tenure the sprint kayak team results saw a winning medal count not previously achieved.

The majority of the coaching roles Brian has held over the years have been unpaid and voluntary and required a large commitment of his time in preparation of elite athletes for peak level competition. This involved a lot of time away from home and work with coaching and travel. Brian was employed full time by IMB from 1969 – 1991 and after his AIS coaching role with Toll till retirement.

The exception was his paid role as AIS head coach – sprint kayak. Brian’s highest achievements have been Head Coach of the Australian Olympic Sprint Canoe Team for 12 years over  3 Olympics including, Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996. He was assistant coach for 1976 Montreal Olympics. He took the Olympic Canoe Sprint team medal count to a level not previously achieved during his tenure.

Following his period as an Olympic and AIS coach, Brian maintained involvement with the Australian Canoe Federation and NSW Canoeing (Now Australian Canoeing and Paddle NSW) as a volunteer coach in the National Talent programs for about 15 years. In 2010 he inaugurated the only sprint kayak club for the development of elite athletes in the Sutherland Shire, Southside Paddlers. After successful lobbying with the local government member and the local council he secured a location to base the new club – he now coaches a group of aspiring young paddlers and has already had success with several athletes moving from beginner to the National Kayak teams.

As well as Brian being an Olympic and AIS coach, he also put back his knowledge to the sport as director of the Australian Canoe Federation Sprint Coach Network to this present time and he has freely mentored many coaches to elite level over the years.

Additionally Brian has made time over the years for his surf lifesaving passion and volunteered as head coach and surf boat coach for North Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club, where he is also a Life Member.  His indefatigable efforts have brought success to many teams at Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships.

Brian’s contribution is well recognised by those who know him in sprint canoe and surf club communities.  Recently, he received a Cook Community Award from Sutherland Shire Council recognising his devotion to his clubs and his valued contribution to the community.  Brian doesn’t seek out recognition from others, finding personal reward from seeing the growth development and achievements of his athletes in sport and personal lives.

Everything Brian does involves excellence, he makes things happen, he is a motivator and contributor, a living treasure filled with valuable sport and life knowledge and skills that he shares freely.

Brian was passionate about health, many would have seen his posts on facebook, been given books to read, movies and videos to watch about health. Last year as part of a nomination for a coach award I had to submit a reply to this statement. This is what I wrote

  • Promotes a healthy culture providing a fair, safe, healthy and inclusive environment

Health is Brian’s primary focus.   ‘Health’ is Brian’s middle name.

The welfare of his athletes is a primary focus.

His major achievement in the past year was to offer our club athletes (all our young teens to young adults) access to an ECG and test their heart health. We believe we are the first Amateur Canoe Club (and possibly amateur sporting club) in NSW and possibly Australia ( other than elite level sports / institutes) to provide our club athletes  with the means to get an ecg and have the results reviewed by  Cardiologist to read and interpret. We were greatly surprised to find in such a small club, 2 athletes needed further investigation and referral to see a specialist,  but have since been cleared.

Brian was a primary instigator in getting our club on the donation list for a Defibrillator, funded by Response for Life and Tradies. This is kept on the club premises (a container) in case of emergency. We never want to use it.

Brian constantly reminds athletes via sharing articles on health via books/videos he will hand out at training to posts on our closed facebook page. He promotes good eating habits for sport but also for life.

A healthy culture is created by Brian’s ability to make each athlete; member and parent feel welcome, needed and useful to the dynamic of the club. He has knack for sorting issues out seamlessly and quietly without involving anyone other than those involved. He has built a group of support people around him to help manage the club and athletes well being and inclusiveness.

Another example was a cooking contest for the athletes – only healthy after training snacks involved. We think it was only because Brian wanted something to eat, but it was a great way for the athletes to get more connected and feel included in the their health and training and not just following a written training plan. They were learning to take responsibility for their health, hands on.

Another indication of the power that Brian has to develop a passion for health is that one young man has taken his health and food advice to the next level, developing such a passion that he has developed  his own health food product with 2 mates which is now on the market.

Brian also helps young adults when they need it most. Currently he has lent his old ute to a new paddler to get to training, and around the area.  This is a normal thing for Brian to do, not the unusual. He writes references for jobs, for university applications.

Brian lends his kayaks, his paddles and most of all, his ears and his time.

Paddle In Peace Brian

Please see the attachment of Lifetime Achievements in Australian Canoeing and Surf Lifesaving.

Coaching – Sports Management – Recognition Sport Organisation Year
Club Founder/President/Coach,Life Member – Southside Paddlers Sprint canoe Southside Paddlers 2010-present
Cook Community Award – devotion to clubs Surf lifesaving/ sprint canoe Sutherland Shire Council 2013
Life Member – NCSLSC Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 2010
Head Coach – NCSLSC Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 2009, 2010
President/Coach Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club Sprint canoe CSKC 2007-2009
Australian Sports Medal Sprint Canoe Australian Govt. 2000
Coach/Manager NSW Thunders – SLSA Nutrigrain Series Surf lifesaving Surf Lifesaving Aust 1998-2001
Head Coach – Australian Canoeing – 4 years Sprint Canoe Australian Canoeing 1994 – 1998
Club Coach and trainer – 14 years Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 1982 – 1998
Director – Australian Canoe Federation Sprint Coach Network – 8 years Sprint canoe Australian Canoeing 1990-1998
Consultant Coach – Australian Institute of Sport – 2 years Sprint canoe AIS 1989-1992
Manager Coach – Australian Institute of Sport International Tours – 3 years Sprint canoe AIS 1989- 1991
Head Coach Australian Olympic Kayak Team – 12 years

Seoul, Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics

Sprint canoe Australian Canoeing 1988, 1992, 1996
Award of Merit Sprint canoe Australian Canoeing 1988
Inaugural Head coach Canoe/Kayak Australian Institute of sport Sprint canoe AIS 1988
Manager Coach SLSA Australian Team – Hawaii ( One test V’s the USA Lifeguard team Surf lifesaving SLSA 1984
National Coach (Honorary) Australian Canoeing ( ACF)

5 years

Sprint canoe Australian Canoeing 1981 – 1992
Assistant Coach Montreal Olympics Sprint canoe Australian Canoeing 1976
NSW surf ski champion Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 1975
Coaching Advisory Panel Surf Lifesaving Australia– 10 years Surf lifesaving SLSA 1975 – 1985
Board Ski  Captain – NC SLSC Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 1975 – 1978
Australian Taplin Relay Champion Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 1974
Paddle NSW Coach – 7 years Sprint canoe PNSW 1974-1983
Australian double surf ski champion Surf lifesaving North Cronulla SLSC 1974
Australian Surf Ski Champion Surf lifesaving Maroubra 1964
Australian/ NSW kayak champion Sprint canoe Aust Canoe/PNSW 1964
Paddle NSW Treasurer Sprint canoe PNSW 1961
Award of Merit Surf Bravery Rescue Surf Lifesaving SLSNSW/Maroubra 1959




Paddle NSW 2014-15 Awards -Congratulations Brian Trouville

The annual AGM, presentation and a reintroduced club forum were held yesterday at Lands End – a lodge on the hillside of Chowder Bay on Sydney Harbour. Surrounded by bush and water it was a delightful place for paddlers to meet. For those who wanted to paddle the waters of the harbour – paddle times were included into the schedule. The forum was quite successful raising lots of issues and possible solutions and making everyone aware of differing concerns for all the different paddling groups – from recreational to sport paddlers, marathon to wildwater to canoe polo, ocean ski slalom and sprint.A new board was elected, and 2 new patrons appointed, one being Helen Brownlee and the other the Holder of the position  of the NSW Minister for Sport. Lots of good things being done by PaddleNSW and lots more things to do.

Just a reminder – the sport of paddling needs more officials and coaches ( recreational, learn to paddle and sports programs) So if you see a call for volunteers at any of the events you are attending. Please try and help out as many hands make light work.

Thank you to Peter Tate, CEO, staff, Board and all the volunteers on committees who are trying to do their best for the Paddling in our state!

Brian Trouville

At PaddleNSW Awards presentation following the AGM, the 2014/2015 awards were announced.

Congratulations to all of this years NSW superstars!! ??

Male Paddler of the Year: Lachie Tame
Female Paddler of the Year: Jessica Fox
Young Paddler of the Year: Ella Beere
Paddler with a Disability: Breanna Reid
Masters Paddler of the Year: Anjie Lees
Team of the Year: Burley Babes Canoe Polo
Coach of the Year: Brian Trouville
Official of the Year: Bob Turner
Administrator of the Year: Lynn Parker
Volunteer of the Year: John Preston
Event of the Year: National Marathon Championships
Distinguished Long Service Award: Brian Trouville